Last update: 2016-08-26

ICT Markets™ Bulgaria by CBN Pannoff, Stoytcheff & Co.

Customers' reference list

(78 clients total)


CBN customer


2 Plus ltd

HP Top system integrator

3Com - Bulgaria ltd

3Com local subsidiary

Able Systems ltd

Key monitor distributor

ACO Pirelly

Top security company


IBM Top system integrator

Act Soft ltd

Top Microsoft distributor

Alcatel Business systems - Bulgaria ltd

Alcatel local subsidiary

AII Informatics

The biggest ERP integrator

Aladdin ltd

Leading ICT Retail

Alpha link - Bulgaria ltd

Top ICT Distributor

Argo Kontar Ltd

Leading SCS company

Argus computers ltd

Top ICT distributor

ASBIS - Bulgaria ltd

Top ICT distributor

Bios ltd

Leading Projectors’ vendor

BIT & S ltd

Key ICT integrator


Top ICT distributor

Bulgarian Telecom Company JSC

National Telecom

BTC – Net ltd

The biggest ISP in Bulgaria

Bulgarian Business Systems ltd

Apple local subsidiary

Bull - Bulgaria ltd

Bull® local subsidiary

Business soft ltd

Building software Top developer

Bross M ltd

Bulgarian consulting company

Canon - Bulgaria ltd

Canon local subsidiary

CHS - Bulgaria ltd

CHS local subsidiary

Cisco - Bulgaria ltd

Cisco  local subsidiary

Com Net ltd

Motorola integrator

COMEL Soft Multimedia ltd

Top ICT distributor


ICT holding

Compaq - Bulgaria

Compaq presentation office

Computel Ltd

Leading security software vendor

Computer products ltd

Top ICT distributor

Data optic Balkans

Leading ICT distributor

Digiteq ltd

Leading ICT VAR

Electron progress JSC

Leading ICT military integrators

Equant Bulgaria ltd

Top Internet company

Escom - Bulgaria ltd

ICT system integrator

ESRI - Bulgaria ltd

The biggest GIS vendor

EXpress COnsult Holding PLC

Top ICT holding

EXpress COnsult ltd

ICT system integrator

CBN customer


Finansoft (KDA Razvitie holding) ltd

Bulgarian ERP developer

Freckles ltd

Compatible consumables Top vendor

FTS Bulgaria

Top ERP Integrator

Huawei technologies Bulgaria

Huawei local subsidiary

Hewlett Packard - Bulgaria ltd

HP local subsidiary

IBM - Bulgaria ltd

IBM local subsidiary

ICAP - Bulgaria ltd

Leading biz services company

IDG - Bulgaria ltd

IDG local subsidiary

Impex - Sofia ltd

Top ICT distributor

Information Services PLC Sofia

Leading IT system integrator

Insyst Electronics ltd

Leading ICT integrator

KPMG - Bulgaria ltd

Worldwide Leading consulting company

LLP - Bulgaria ltd

Leading ERP integrator

Mercurius - Sofia ltd

Top office supplier

Microsoft - Bulgaria ltd

Microsoft local subsidiary

Ministry for transport and communications

Bulgarian Government

Mobikom RTC

NMT telecom

Munro ltd

Local outsourcing company

Noak - Bulgaria ltd

Leading software vendor

NT CHS - Bulgaria ltd

ICT distributor

Oracle Bulgaria Ltd

Oracle local subsidiary

Panda coop – Office 1 Super store

Top office chain retail supplier

Paraflow communications ltd

Leading IT system integrator

Polycomp ltd

Top ICT distributor

Reichle de Massari - branch Bulgaria

SCS Top Vendor

Reset computers

Leading IT distributor

Saga Technology ltd

Ziff Davis publisher

SAP Bulgaria ltd

SAP local subsidiary

Singular - Bulgaria ltd

Singular local subsidiary

Solytarde Co

Start Up ICT distributor

Solytron Co

Top ICT distributor


IT leading system integrator

Tech Vision ltd

Top ICT monitor distributor

Techno Pro ltd

Top ICT Toshiba distributor

Technologica Ltd

Leading independent software company

Torin Co.

IT leading independent importer

VIP trading ltd

Digital cameras importer

Westech - Bulgaria ltd

ICT distributor

Xerox - Bulgaria ltd

Xerox local subsidiary