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IT Survey Bulgaria 2016/15 & 2017 (f)
XXII edition




More than 26 years yet on the Bulgarian IT market are working clearly differentiated channels for computer hardware sales through Manufacturer (Brands) Distributor (Importers) Dealers (end customers sales) line. By this scheme were made among 50 % to 75 % of the various kinds of computer products deliveries in the country.


According to CBN Pannoff, Stoytcheff & co. in 2016 in Bulgaria approximately 25 wholesalers and almost 1,200 companies IT dealers were active.


IT Survey Bulgaria is annual (since 1997) national representative survey about dealers opinion for sold computer hardware brands and estimation of the companies-Distributors in the country.


The project can be conditionally divided into three main parts: Brands & Wholesalers: computers, peripherals, components and networks; Management: distributors (customer satisfaction) and Dealers business.


Computer hardware Brands rating


The surveys purpose in this part is to research the sales, the preferences and marketing of the IT Brands in Bulgaria computers (including tablets and smartphones), peripherals, components and networking.


The Most Sold brand by the dealers indicates the real market positions of definite Brand;



The survey researches also the sales of some directions in % correlation HDD Int. vs. HDD Ext. Vs. SSD, PC w/o OS vs. PC w OS..


In additional questions the survey examines and ranks the Dealers opinion about the IT Distributors they made the biggest orders from: computers, software, peripherals, consumables, components, networking and multimedia products 17 ranks by different product lines total.


Wholesalers rating


In this section is researched and ranked the Dealers opinion about the IT Distributors with the best prices, loyalty programs, credit lines, store, service, and whom they mostly purchase from using Internet.


Additionally the Dealers pointed to the Distributor they trusted mostly and to the Distributor the best importer in the country. In this part is researched also the Dealers opinion for the best sales manager they pointed and ranked personally.


Important moment in the survey is also the Dealers estimation of the Distributors market positions if they improve, get worse or do not change. In this aspect is tested the participants opinion about the IT importers main product lines approval or disapproval.


The survey examines also the share of Internet orders (in %), made by the dealers, to all others orders.


Dealers business zone


In 2017 for the seventh time in the history of the project, we investigated the opinion of the dealers about their own business and sales. The first question that we were looking for an answer was related to what proportion and place occupied in sales 13 major IT product lines - from mobile computers to cloud services, the second question - what is the growth that dealers forecast for each major IT product line in 2016/15. The third question - what is the percentage of sales to private customers, business customers and administration. In the fourth question we examined the assessment of the dealers on the volume of gray market in the sector. Fifth studied topic, what is the % of sales to end customers through Internet shops. To answer of these questions in this part we added the answers related to % of orders of dealers via Internet to the wholesalers. In this section we also ask dealers to point the most serious problems in their relationships with distribution companies in Bulgaria.



For every rank in the survey (if we have data for) we show the history results for every of the past years to help in comparison, estimations and analysis. For some questions, we have and present results from 2001.


Till now we have no information our survey to have its analog in the country. Important priority of the survey is that all included questions are prepared by one of the best IT professionals in the respective branch and these questions answer entirely to the incredible dynamic and the Bulgarian market requirements.


Undoubtedly, IT Survey Bulgaria is quite useful instrument for market positions defining, potential and IT business planning in Bulgaria all data from independent agency with 26 years business history.



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